Pretty flowers Grow from broken hearts Stronger bonds Are made from Mended friendships I miss our gentle intimacy But I’ve missed our laughter more And maybe I can’t touch you anymore But at least we can learn to talk like we did before It’s silly to say, but A kind of vibrancy arose From this misguided … More Irony

“There’s a Crack in Everything, That’s how the Light Gets in”

It’s been ten months Over half this time I’ve known the comfort of your mouth I think I’m afraid of saying I felt anything real That I’m still feel something real I don’t think you’ll ever understand, And I don’t think I will either, The extent, the depth of my feelings Maybe it was a … More “There’s a Crack in Everything, That’s how the Light Gets in”

I Punched a Wall

I punched a bathroom stall wall After you played dumb about our whatever-it’s-called I kissed your knuckles after you couldn’t get any closer I’m an M&M You say Hard, mean even Externally But internally, For you, Alone and curled around your thigh My gooey gentleness Comes out I can’t help but melt, With you all … More I Punched a Wall


Baby, oh baby You’re a two for nothing kinda deal You hurdle between affectionate and compassionate to indifferent and aloof You ignore me for weeks Shrugging off my hellos like they’re an allergy of yours Only to stare at me like I’m starlight Inviting me over to lay on you as if your adoration was … More Two-for-Nothing

Red, White, Blue

I’m sorry we kill your people I’m sorry they pin you, and not protect you Shoot you instead of embrace you I’m sorry I’m so sorry I don’t approve that blue is superior to your Black and Brown skin And I don’t believe his hate is enough To fade rainbows People keep making this about … More Red, White, Blue


He’s like ice Cool Relieving He’s like fire Warm Capable of keeping your secrets He’s an idea Never put to action A thought too fleeting to grasp He’s the question I’m too afraid to ask He could be mine If he wasn’t hers I’m already his Even if she really is He’s like music Capable … More His

Worst Poetry

Have you ever fell in love with someone’s laugh? (The way she tips her head, eyes closed, mouth open)            – Have you ever cried because bliss overwhelmed you? (Only to realize you weren’t happy -only missing someone in a way that didn’t tie you up)      – Have you … More Worst Poetry