Protected: Top 10 Songs: February 2018

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Winter Break

The worst thing about Winter Break is going back It’s not the tests, the essays, the never ending lectures that are so woesome It’s going back and seeing his face: Smiling and smug Knowing how well your body fits with his And how he sounds droopy with sleep, high off weed It’s the memory of... Continue Reading →

Sharp Tongue and Mace

She's wine I'm gasoline She's sweet to taste I'm deadly to swallow Light a match with her, it's romance Light a match with me, it's dangerous I bet you two don't disagree I bet she smokes weed and games She's prettier than me too I've seen her Her smile is brighter than a full moon... Continue Reading →


Pretty flowers Grow from broken hearts Stronger bonds Are made from Mended friendships I miss our gentle intimacy But I’ve missed our laughter more And maybe I can’t touch you anymore But at least we can learn to talk like we did before It’s silly to say, but A kind of vibrancy arose From this misguided... Continue Reading →


I punched a bathroom stall wall After you played dumb about our whatever-it's-called I kissed your knuckles after you couldn't get any closer I'm an M&M You say Hard, mean even Externally But internally, For you, Alone and curled around your thigh My gooey gentleness Comes out I can't help but melt, With you all... Continue Reading →


Baby, oh baby You're a two for nothing kinda deal You hurdle between affectionate and compassionate to indifferent and aloof You ignore me for weeks Shrugging off my hellos like they're an allergy of yours Only to stare at me like I'm starlight Inviting me over to lay on you as if your adoration was... Continue Reading →

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