Faulty Anchor

You know you’re my only one? You know your touch, your smile, your silly banter, and gentle concern Keep me stable, keep me awake? I don’t want this I don’t want a love felt one way Everything about you hurts me An biting ache, tugging at my sore heart I could cut you off But... Continue Reading →


I Dreamt of You Last Night

I dreamt you chased me My heart flew ahead of me as as I ran, Blushing and giggling, Dancing and jumping (to conclusions that is) You finally caught me at the edge of cliff You grabbed me by my hips And my heart, Dived over the cliff “You forgot this” you say And I lean... Continue Reading →

Like I Have a Choice

I don’t want anyone else I don’t want his fingers in my hair I don’t want her legs and laughter tangled with mine I don’t want to taste another lover or have gentle conversations with anyone else in the dark Nobody’s eyes pull me like your soft brown ones And nobody can calm me like... Continue Reading →


My body My fucking body My hair to shave off My lips to kiss whoever I want My eyes to roll at whatever I wish My face to make up or leave bare My breasts to flaunt or cover My belly fat to love or hate My ass to shake or sit on My hips... Continue Reading →

Winter Break

The worst thing about Winter Break is going back It’s not the tests, the essays, the never ending lectures that are so woesome It’s going back and seeing his face: Smiling and smug Knowing how well your body fits with his And how he sounds droopy with sleep, high off weed It’s the memory of... Continue Reading →

Sharp Tongue and Mace

She's wine I'm gasoline She's sweet to taste I'm deadly to swallow Light a match with her, it's romance Light a match with me, it's dangerous I bet you two don't disagree I bet she smokes weed and games She's prettier than me too I've seen her Her smile is brighter than a full moon... Continue Reading →

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